Our products

Globally Grifols develops and produces more than a dozen plasma-derived protein therapies as well as products and IV solutions designed for hospital pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories. Our wide range of therapies and products are distributed through three primary divisions: Bioscience, Diagnostic and Hospital.

Grifols Germany is present in the Bioscience business and in the Diagnostic business.


As our largest segment of the business, the Bioscience division is committed to discovering, developing and producing plasma-derived protein therapies to treat patients whose diseases in many cases cannot be adequately treated with traditional pharmaceuticals. The essential proteins found in human plasma are used to replace or restore missing proteins among patients who have rare, genetic diseases such as immune deficiencies, autoimmune disorders, bleeding or blood-clotting disorders and genetic emphysema. Our protein therapies are also administered to prevent the onset of the life-threatening infections such as rabies, hepatitis and tetanus. Bioscience products are sold in more than 90 countries worldwide. For Bioscience products available in Germany, please click here.


Our Diagnostic division focuses on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing in vitro diagnostic products for laboratory analyses, including auto-analyzers and reagents for hospital blood banks and transfusion centers. These innovative diagnostic solutions are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. 

To browse the Diagnostic products, please visit the Diagnostic website at www.diagnostic.grifols.com